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Pregnancy Symptoms

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Signs of pregnancy

If you are asking yourself am I pregnant, our list showing some of the first signs of pregnancy is a must read.

In no particular order pregnancy signs include:

Morning Sickness: Some lucky people escape morning sickness, and for most it sets in several weeks into conception, but some may feel nauseaous a couple of days into conception.

Missed Period: This is the surest sign of pregnancy, and if you are considerably late for you period, it's well owrth taking a pregnancy test.

Darkening of your Aareolas: The skin around your nipples gets darker, however this can be unrealted.

Tender Breasts: Due to the change in hormones you breasts are likely to be more tender and swollen.

Frequent Urination: Once the embro has implanted you may find yourself needing to unrinate more frequently.

Fatigue: Increased levels of progesterone can level you feeling exhausted.

Food Cravings: Everyone has heard this one...

If you are experiencing more than one of these symptons, it may be worthwhile to take a home pregnancy test.

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