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Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Are you stuck for a baby shower gift ideas?

Baby Showers are great events full of celebration for the new mother and birth of the baby.

It's a good time for a new mother to collect some of the essentials, as well as the nice to have items and accessories, needed for the first few months.

Below is a list of ideas for great presents for your friends, or your own, baby shower.

  • Diapers, perhaps not exciting, but essential!
  • Baby Books, Family Medicine books, Childproofing your home books;
  • Rattles, Play Mats;
  • Bibs, Jumper Suits;
  • Photoshoots - and if you're in the South of the UK Emma Cavill Photography is highly recommended;
  • Towels;
  • Bath Toys;
  • Diaper Cream, Talc, etc.
A nice touch might be to use a baby bath tub as a container for your present...


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